Soundpainting  is a sign language used to compose in real-time with groups of improvisers, musicians, dancers and actors alike. The soundpainter signs the group and with their response orchestrates, arranges and directs the piece. It is a collaborative process where the soundpainter and his group interact to create a collective performance. 

At the workshop, after learning the basic signs, everyone will have the opportunity to conduct the group and create his own live composition. Anyone can make it.All, soundpainter and performers, will have a fun and surprising time, taking the experience of improvisation to a different but friendly level.

The workshop is accessible to children from age 10. 

Everyone is welcome, of all performing disciplines, from beginners to advanced.

Soundpainting Workshop with Adi is changing its formula. 

Workshops will now happen monthly. 
More info and dates coming soon. 

Stay tuned! 

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